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This collection includes 1,217 national songs that appeared in the era of Leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, the most important of which are songs about the Revolution, nationalization of the Suez Canal, the High Dam and the Yemen War.

Song Title Name of Singer Writer/Composer Duration H:M:S Date
Elmagmoua 00:00:25
Fayza Ahmed 00:04:30
Karem Mahmoud محمد رضا الشبينى / رياض البندك 00:08:52
Karem Mahmoud محمد رضا الشبينى / رياض البندك 00:08:50
Abdelaziz Mahmoud محمد على أحمد / عبد العزيز محمود 00:04:22
Soad Mohamed عبد السلام بدر / أحمد صدقى 00:04:22
Abdelhalim عبد الرحمن الأبنودى / كمال الطويل 00:03:29
Mohamed Abdelmoteleb 00:05:21
Nagat Aly 00:04:52
Nagat Aly على الفقى / سيد مكاوى 00:04:59